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after photoshop had its way with my rhino render…
going along with the collage approach previously attempted. the image below inspired me with the mixed media. i still havent figured out how to get the same more textural look, but i am moving on for now.

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i was not able to experiment with photoshopping my renderings for yesterdays class. below is a ‘sketch rendering’ of the framed entry. i experimented with some different techniques. i am going for a more graphic/collage/textural approach. capturing the concept and energy of the project. for the final images i will take more care in my digital craft.

before: rhino render

after: rhino render + photoshop
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for some reason i cannot get the bitmap to render. is there a way to do that? here i just placed it in there and guessed the proper angle for it. i was a little off, looks a little funny.

continuing math and science pathway back to OMSI will allow the energy to interrupt the ‘dead zone’ Philip Beesley was referring to in this diagram.

example of framed entrance into site. framed by lab bar, math and science center entrance. as well as the math and science connective bridge. frames view towards river/ of center for urban ecology and OMSI exhibit extension. photoshopping entourage, landscape textures, context and some materiality textures could help this one a lot.

location within portland. also highlighting the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and interaction to OMSIs game plan. background image could stand to be a little less washed out.

my first attempt at rendering images. my immersive perspective did not turn out as well as i had hoped. with the addition of entourage, it would help indicate the incident social spaces extruded along the stair lines. but this view does not indicate the ‘destination social space within the large atrium volume. the idea with incident vs destination social spaces is to accommodate multiple tiers of social interaction.

how to light large atrium spaces? what makes a successful atrium space? what feeling to evoke with the lighting techniques?

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and in direct response…

two steps forward, one step back: it has occurred to me that designing a campus of buildings is tricky business. the connections are proving to be a very difficult problem to solve [not that i didnt expect this]. i feel that i should be further along in development of other aspects of my project, but  i really want to get this things right. how can the space between these bent lab bars  become an experience? not just circulation, but connections physically that prompt social interaction. also, how to introduce connection between buildings via math and science center into the mix with its unique vocabulary… any feedback on this (and previous post with initial ‘booger-bridge’ discussion would be greatly appreciated as i move forward.
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BRIDGETOWN [round two]


negative scans [cannon ae1. tmax100]
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